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An Occupy Wall Street Retrospective

As New York City cleans up Zuccotti Park yet again after a New Year’s clash with the spoiled whitewashed socialist trash know collectively as the Occupy Movement, let’s take a 2-minute cruise through some of the great heroic moments of this anti-intellectual frat party. Boy, these Bloomberg Babies are so articulate, ain’t they? Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Fed Up With Homeless Freeloaders

The hard-working kitchen staff at the New York City Occupy Wall Street jamboree are mad as hell and they ain’t gona take it any more. After slaving 18 hours a day every day to serve up three upscale squares to the hordes of homeless who have descended upon Zuccotti Park, the citizen chefs of the Peoples Republic of Socialist Squatters have slapped down their spatulas in despair. Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Survey: Protestors Share Their Views

The first opinion poll of those Occupy Wall Street rapscallions has been completed and the political views expressed by these 21st century Robespierres have been neatly tagged and documented. Of course, it will come as no surprise to most of us folks who live out our daily lives free of illegally brazen behavior that these professional street urchins camped out in NYC espouse a political perspective that the average American abhors. Continue reading

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