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An Election Eve Pep Talk

A former political figure who’s been in Ohio told me this morning something is moving with evangelicals, other church-going Protestants and religious Catholics. He said what’s happening with them is quiet, unreported and spreading: They really want Romney now, they’ll go out and vote, the election has taken on a new importance to them. I suspect both Romney and Obama have a sense of what’s coming, and it’s part of why Romney looks so peaceful and Obama so roiled. Continue reading

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Juan Williams on Race: Let’s Stop Pretending It’s 1955

How about marching against the cable television shows constantly offering minstrel-show images of black youth as rappers and comedians who don’t value education, dismiss the importance of marriage, and celebrate killing people, drug money and jailhouse fashion? Continue reading

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GOProud Going To CPAC 2011

GOProud will once again be in attendance at the annual Conservatve Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC from February 10 – 12. This will be the second year that GOProud will be a full participant at this event. Continue reading

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