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Ward Churchill, Professional Academic Indian, Loses Appeal

The University of Colorado won their appeal at the Colorado Supreme Court this week which means that the firing of Ward Churchill, the male half of that American Indian academic comedy routine know as Churchill and Warren, has been upheld. Churchill was fired back in 2007 by the University after an investigation into his ‘research’ showed patterns of plagiarism and fabrication. Continue reading

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Daughter of Fallen 9/11 Hero Follows in Her Dad’s Footsteps

Erin Coughlin, daughter of NYPD Sergeant John Coughlin, is completing her training as a cadet at the Police Academy this year. Ms. Coughlin is following in her Dad’s footsteps but for her the career choice of being a cop for the City of New York brings with it a special motivation. Erin’s father died on September 11, 2001 when the Twin Towers collapsed—he met his death helping folks at the World Trade Center escape the burning buildings. Continue reading

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9/11: Honoring Our Dead

Never Forget! Continue reading

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Rebuilding Ground Zero: Let’s Hear it for the Men

Since our culture has set aside no calendar month to honor the stunning accomplishments and sacrifices of our belittled, besmirched, and bemoaned male of the species, I thought it only fitting to cap off Women’s History Month with a little contextual reality. Continue reading

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