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The Perfect Christmas Gift: Buy Her a Gun

There’s just something about a woman’s hands wrapped around a gun. I know we’re not supposed to say that….I know we’re supposed to focus on the serious side of handgun use, and of course, the toting topic is nothing to scoff at….and it goes without saying that no one, positively no one, should buy or use a handgun without the proper safety training….and yes, the very nature of concealed carry is a tremendous responsibility, but…. Continue reading

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Guns and Gays Shaking Up Seattle

Posters of gun-toting lesbians are mysteriously appearing all across the illiberal land of Seattle where soy latte sipping Lezzies of the ultra Lefty variety hold tight sway over the social reins of progressively approved thought processes. Continue reading

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Women of the NRA—This Ain’t Your Old Man’s Outfit Anymore

Chicks Pulling the Trigger! The New Face of the Gun Lobby. Continue reading

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Woman with Gun—Robbers Run

These oh so macho men thought they had an easy target until out of nowhere they received a couple of blasts of retribution. Just goes to show that even a 65-year old woman can hold her own when confronted by 5 male thugs, as long as the great equalizer is at her side. Continue reading

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A Woman With A Gun Wins the Olympics

Kim Rhode, with her gold medal win in skeet shooting at the 2012 London games, has become the first woman to win three gold medals in Olympic shooting and the first American athlete to win five consecutive medals in an individual event in five consecutive Olympic games. Continue reading

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Women Packing Heat—In India

Don’t be fooled by the colorful sarees and the feminine beads and bangles, for these Indian ladies mean business. With a rise in the crime rate and an ever-increasing number of brutal attacks against women, more and more professional females in this land of exotic contrasts are turning to the great equalizer for protection. Continue reading

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Women, Guns, and Competition

Meet the Women of the USPSA, the United States Practical Shooting Association. These ladies give the lie to the Left’s ludicrous attempts to paint the faces of America’s females in deeply deceptive shades of progressive passivity. All the stats point to the obvious fact that gun ownership among women is growing by leaps and bounds. Continue reading

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