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Of Wendy Davis, Feminism, and Male-Minimizing

Which brings us to the War-on-Women and that feminist invocation of utter independence and self-reliance: A Woman Needs a Man like a Fish Needs a Bicycle. In Windy Wendy’s case, a professional man with a bank account certainly came in pretty darn handy for achieving that big step up in life. And it seems that men, especially high-achieving Alpha males, figure big time in the lives of such tough stand-on-their-own-two-feet feminist icons like Leave-em-Bleedin Clinton, Wampum Warren, and Plastic-Face Pelosi, three pretentious progressive madams who condemn the supposed patriarchal power structure while living out their financially well-to-do lives within the safe and secure context of male-supported and male-enabled success. These Tootsies don’t stand on their own feminine feet and never have. And they sure didn’t pull themselves up by their non-existent bootstraps—no need, for a familial male, whether husband, father, or ancestral Daddy did all the dirty work for them. So when you sniff the strong smell of fish out of water, don’t be surprised—it’s only the paraphyletic feminists riding atop those state-of-the-art, peddle-driven vehicles all designed and built by those pesky old boys. Continue reading

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Obama to Women: Vote with Your Vaginas

We all know that free birth control and free abortions-on-demand are the only topics that the good government girls need to bother their silly little heads about. So all you little pussies out there, don’t you worry your pretty little pea brains about those big grown-up manly issues like jobs, debt, mortgages, and foreign policy—the Obama boys will handle all the tough stuff. You just focus on getting that tricky IUD inserted, little lady. And for our lesbian supporters—free government-funded dildos! (instructions included). Continue reading

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The REAL War on Women

150 school girls and their teachers in the town of Kunduz in Afghanistan were poisoned today by drinking water that had been deliberately contaminated. As we all know, girls seeking an education and the teachers who dare to mentor them in this cultural wasteland of genuine gender oppression are frequent targets for beatings, acid attacks, and murder. But relax Western world. Pay no attention to such acts of anti-female aggression, for these heinous horrors don’t really matter in the larger multicultural scheme of things. You see, Muslim men are victims too. Continue reading

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The Real War on Women: Dems Going After Stay-at-Home Moms

If you would like to know what Democrats really think about women who choose to focus their life’s energies on raising their children, here is a good glimpse of the glaring contempt these Lefties have for stay-at-home Moms. Continue reading

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