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What Does The Tea Party Want? Karma!

So just what is the Tea Party movement all about anyway? Limited government? Individual liberty? Fiscal responsibility? Conservative social values? Well, according to Jonathan Haidt, Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, in an article that appeared today in the Wall Street Journal, what drives many adherents of the Tea Party phenomenon is the love for the Law of Karma. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton for President?

The whisper-down-the-lane campaign apparently is in full flow, with the Day Dreaming Dems desperately casting about for another messianic miracle worker. With predicted devastation looming in the 2010 elections in November, pressure will only increase on the Democrat Party to cut itself free from that arrogant anti-American albatross hanging round its neck. Continue reading

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Honoring Our Working Class Men

With all the news coverage of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and little to no attention paid to the 11 men who lost their lives in the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, I was pleased to see coverage in the Wall Street Journal of the memorial service that was held today. Continue reading

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