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Vote Republican!

Here in Pennsylvania today, I’ll be casting my ballot for Can’t-Do-Much-of-Anything Corbett, the pathetic Republican schmoe running for a second term as Governor. The big lummox is behind in the polls, so my vote will be in vain but I do my duty despite the despair. I can only shake my head in frustration and disgust at the Republican Party’s ability to continually dig up such no-name, do-nothing dinosaur dolts. Thanks to their ineptitude and stupidity, Pennsylvanians will be saddled with an Obama-loving, Left-wing loon. The good old Republican party, shooting itself in the foot once again. Continue reading

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Revenge of the Bitter Clingers!

Good morning, America! It’s Tuesday, November 2, 2010! Time for all us know-nothing neanderthals to slink on down to the polling places and cast our benighted ballots for all those backward Barney and Betty Rubbles who believe in the US Constitution and its timeless principles. Continue reading

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