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Your First Time: The ‘Lose Your Virginity to Obama’ Parody

Vote for More Free Crap! Yes, inevitably, there is a Youtube video parody of the Lena Dunham ‘lose your voting viriginity to Barack Obama’ campaign ad. All thanks to Steven Crowder. Continue reading

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Obama to Women: Lose Your Virginity to ME!

If you want to know just how warped the Democrat party and its progressive fornication free-for-all has become, just watch this one minute Obama campaign ad. The child-like immaturity of the woman presented in the ad goes hand-in-hand with the silly sexualizing of the very grown-up act of voting. Continue reading

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Hymen Hedging: Muslim Women and Virginity

Muslim women living a Western lifestyle in Great Britain have been enjoying the free and easy hustle and bustle of the work-a-day UK. But this new found feminist freedom isn’t getting approving applause from their male Muslim counterparts, at least not when it comes to that age old monopoly, the marriage market. Continue reading

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