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Beating Your Wife a Bestseller in Toronto

A popular book on sale at a Toronto bookshop up in the sophisticated multicultural climes of Canada has some very patriarchal advice for the typical married Muslim pair. A Gift for the Muslim Couple authored by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi offers some intriguing medieval gems of worldly wisdom for the husbands of recalcitrant wives. Continue reading

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Violence Against Women in Tahrir Square: Welcome to the New Egypt

So much for all the liberal hype about democracy in action and the brave new Egypt that was forming from the ashes of the fallen Mubarak regime. Tahrir Square, the scene of extensive media coverage during the anti-Mubarak demonstrations, was the venue for violence on Tuesday when about a 100 women dared to gather to proclaim that they too have an active role to play in Egypt’s New Jersulem. Continue reading

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