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What Does a Community Organizer Do?

Community Organizer is prominently featured on Barack Obama’s curriculum vitae as a key qualification for the position he currently holds. This innocuous sounding job title conjures up images of dedicated selfless souls trekking along those mean inner city streets helping poor folks learn to help themselves–organizing neighborhood watches, organizing anti-drug initiatives, organizing youth recreational opportunities, organizing job training programs, etc. But we would all be so very incorrect in our assumptions about the actual work and supposed good intentions of the community organizing Joe and Jane. Continue reading

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Lynch Mobs of the Left

As the social insanity continues in the Trayvon Martin case and as the Leftist media hysterically churns out a nasty narrative hell-bent on framing the altercation between an African-American youth and an Hispanic man in terms of an old black and white rerun from the Jim Crow days of the 1950s, there is an alternative intelligent voice of reason to be heard over at PJ Media. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism: The Big Lie

Let’s face it folks, without Western culture and the values that flow from it, we wouldn’t be here arguing about the multicultural claptrap that has become the bread and butter of white European liberals who just love to haughtily hate the very heritage that has allowed them to live such ultra comfortable and snugly safe lives. Continue reading

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Obama: The Best Thing That Could Have Happened for Conservatives

Victor Davis Hanson, historian and excellent observer of the American political scene, expressed a viewpoint yesterday in the National Review Online that many of us in the conservative movement have held for some time. Continue reading

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Neshaminy Teachers Union: More, More, More

A vicious struggle between taxpayers and it’s teachers’ union is being played out in the Neshaminy School District in the northeast suburbs of Philadelphia. The Neshaminy Federation of Teachers and their President, Louise Boyd, have waged a nasty battle over their never-ending entitlement war with the district’s property owners. Continue reading

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Why Socialists Don’t Believe in Socialism

According to Victor Davis Hanson, American military historian and political essayist, There Are No Socialists. Check out his article over at Pajamas Media for an erudite incision into the tumor ridden cadaver that is the socialist state. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism 101: A Victor Davis Hanson Mini Course

Does our mind boggle at the front and center facade of the multicultural mystique? Do you feel browbeaten by all the self-righteous progressive doubles-speak masquerading as tolerance and fairness? Well, be confounded no more. Multiculturalism 101 is now part of our core curriculum. And at the head of the class is Victor Davis Hanson, military historian, political essayist, and former Classics professor. Continue reading

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Diaper Democracy Explodes

The EU economic explosions have just begun and Victor Davis Hanson, in an article in today’s National Review Online, concisely outlines the aftershocks of the Greek bailout reverberating across the socialistic landscape of the European Union. Continue reading

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