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4th of July 2016: A Great Time to be Alive

We are the chosen ones—chosen to live, serve and fight at this moment in American history. This is our destiny. Embrace it! For we have a war to win—we are here to fight for the very existence of our nation against those who would crush our land into the dregs of a shamed and purposeless glop of global automatons. We will win this war, make no mistake—we will endure and we will win. Continue reading

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Mark Levin: The Liberty Amendments

Mark Levin’s newest book has hit the stalls and from the size of the crowds queuing up to get their signed copy of The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, I think we can safely say that Mr. Levin has another bestseller on his conservative hands. So if you’re fed-up and oh so bored with your politically corrupted book club or if you’re simply seeking something of substance to round out your reading regimen for the Summer of 2013, then pick up a copy of The Liberty Amendments. Continue reading

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Catholic Church—Getting Force Fed Their Social Justice Agenda

Gee, I guess all that Social Justice pâté doesn’t taste very good when it’s rammed down your own ecclesiastical throat, does it now? The US Conference of Catholic Bishops have declared a Fortnight for Freedom in response to the Obama Administration’s abortion and birth control mandates. Better late than never, I suppose. Continue reading

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