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Terrorist Bill Ayers Denied Emeritus Status

Well, well, well. It seems that every once in a while the insulated elites of the academy, those glorious grandees who pontificate from on high, can manage to mentally connect with us lowly lizard-brained earthlings living in the real world. Continue reading

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Revolutionary Chic: How to Prosper By Hating Your Country

Now that the Left-wing terrorist, William Ayers, has announced his retirement from the ‘education’ department at the University of Illinois after a 20-year stint as a full Professor of Indoctrination, one wonders where next our lionized Lefty will drop his load of progressive poop. Continue reading

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Hate Speech Codes: The Death of Academia

Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr. Kenneth Howell, has been temporarily reinstated after being terminated by the University of Illinois under their Hate Speech code. Continue reading

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