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Getting Paid to Loaf—A Non-Working Workers’ Paradise

Yep, in our brave new Obama world, many do indeed get paid handsomely to simply loaf for wages. And the paychecks with the most dough for daily doing nothing come imprinted with the stamp of the union label.

Whether it’s billions of dollars for Obama’s greedy needy campaign, better known as the Pay Our Political Cronies stimulus fund, or the financial fiascos of the poor and perpetually pathetic United States Post Office, the ready cash for humankind clunkers keeps flowing and flowing and flowing. Continue reading

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Union Goons Attack Reporter in Michigan

Steven Crowder, a Fox News contributor and conservative activist, found himself on the receiving end of union violence and spittle-enhanced obscenities yesterday during demonstrations in Lansing, Michigan. The assault and battery on Crowder and the violent acts committed against others were all playfully described by the mainstream media as a boisterous day in the state capital (Brian Williams, NBC News). Continue reading

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Wisconsin Wins—And We’ve Only Just Begun!

Wisconsin Wins! Hanging tough! Breaking the political stranglehold of public unions. Cutting the purse strings of the Democrat Party. Defeating Democrat-induced voter fraud. We’ve only just begun! Continue reading

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From Deficit to Surplus—Scott Walker Has Kicked Butt

Yet Scott Walker has been attacked, harassed, and physically threatened for manning up to the unions and doing what had to be done. Why would any public worker believe they have a God-given right to live better than the people who are paying their wages? Unfortunately in America today, there are many such entitlement folks all collecting paychecks from Democrat-dominated public sector bureaucracies. Continue reading

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Union President Attacks Effigy of Nikki Haley

At a union picnic down South in the Palmetto State, the President of the South Carolina AFL-CIO smacks away at a piñata that has the face of Republican Governor Nikki Haley taped to it. This piece of PR portraying the best that organized labor has to offer is brought to you by the Head Union Duffus, Donna Dewitt. Keep up the good work, sweetie. We sure do appreciate your stupidity. Continue reading

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Indiana Right-to-Work Signed into Law

It’s a good day for the Hoosier State and a bad day for the organized protection racket known as employee unions. Governor Mitch Daniels signed his state’s Right-to-Work bill into law today which will now prohibit unions and companies from entering into contracts that require non-union workers to pay mandatory union dues. Continue reading

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The Demise of the Democrat Party: Saying Goodbye to all those Coalitions

Don’t look now, but those pesky long-term trends are showing. And their sneak preview into the American political future bodes bad news for the progressive true believers in the Democrat party. Continue reading

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College Credit: How to be a Union Mobster 101

Today, higher education is awash in student loans, government grants, and college subsidies, all compliments of the American taxpayer. But do those hardworking rate payers out there really have a clue as to just how their hard-earned bucks are getting handed-out at America’s universities? Continue reading

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Wisconsin Senate Strips Collective Bargaining: All Hell Breaks Loose

Take a look at the Lefty reaction to the Wisconsin Senate passing the measure to strip collective bargaining rights from public employees. The Republican lawmakers had to flee the state capitol for their physical safety after casting their votes.
[ Continue reading

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New Yorkers Like Their Teachers, But Not Their Unions

A Quinnipiac poll has found that New York residents really like their teachers but their unions have got to go. The poll showed that 50% of New Yorkers had a favorable opinion of public school teachers as opposed to 22% with an unfavorable opinion. Continue reading

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GOProud Denounces Gay Boycott of Arizona

Another sane voice is raised in outrageous perplexity over the progressive gay leadership of Gay, Inc. jumping onto the Left-wing Latino Toady Express at the bidding of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud, sent out this announcement today to protest the dismal leadership of the ludicrous Lefties of Gay, Inc: Continue reading

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Unionizing By Stealth

You might ask yourself how someone who is self-employed and running a for-profit day care center could be forcibly unionized. Well, in Michigan, that is exactly what’s happening to many self-employed business owners in this state who are now being classified as government employees. Continue reading

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Government Grandees: America’s Patrician Class

The tyranny of government unions and the well-established government employee grandee class–is it possible to slay this Government Godzilla that has become the centerfold of the US economy? Continue reading

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