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British Support Muslim Polygamy With Welfare Payments

In our modern heyday of Third World victims and the veneration of their barbarically medieval mores by silly White progressives, not only has a very bleary British blind eye been turned to the multiple couplings of Muslim men, but the UK welfare system is actually supporting Muslim male polygamy with nice fat taxpayer-provided payments. Continue reading

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Gays in UK Waking Up to Muslim Threat

With acts of violence against gay men significantly on the rise in the UK, especially within the ethnically diverse inter-city areas, the organized gay community has turned a belligerently blind eye to the source of those physical attacks. Not only has Gay Inc. in Great Britain refused to point the accusing finger of fault at the obvious culprits, but the haughty Gay Grandees have also harassed those who would dare speak truth to the queer multicultural pawns who pander to progressivism. Continue reading

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Sharia for Kids: Hacking Off Hands 101

The Nation of Ninnies seems to be awash in weekend Sharia Schools that are teaching Muslim children the intricate ins and outs of basic barbarism. An investigative report by the BBC has found that approximately 40 Muslim weekend schools across the UK are teaching Sharia law to over 5,000 children. Continue reading

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Squatter’s Paradise: Britain’s Home Away from Home

In good old Great Britain, you better not walk your dog without leaving a security force to guard your home. You see, property rights in the land of snobby socialism are not respected nor protected. Breaking into a home, changing the locks, and throwing the owner’s furniture out into the street is not a crime in the god-awful farce that is Great Britain. Continue reading

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Young Gay Men Fuelling HIV Epidemic

How very sad that so many young gay men and too many of their older peers have such little respect for their bodies and their lives. Recent research conducted by scientists in Belgium indicate that young gay men continue to fuel the HIV epidemic. Continue reading

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Hymen Hedging: Muslim Women and Virginity

Muslim women living a Western lifestyle in Great Britain have been enjoying the free and easy hustle and bustle of the work-a-day UK. But this new found feminist freedom isn’t getting approving applause from their male Muslim counterparts, at least not when it comes to that age old monopoly, the marriage market. Continue reading

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NHS Revolution: Letting Doctors Treat Patients

Heralded as the biggest revolution in the British National Health Service since its inception some 60 years ago, ‘tens of thousands’ of bureaucratic administrative jobs at the NHS will be slashed as an aggressive maneuver to fix the struggling UK health service. Continue reading

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Brits Fedup with Blame Game for BP Oil Spill

Our British cousins are getting hot under the collar at Obama’s characterization of the BP oil spill as somehow connected to the UK government and the British people. The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, condemned ‘the extreme and unhelpful anti-British rhetoric’ coming from the White House over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading

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Rationing Cancer Drugs: Welcome to Our Future

Cancer patients in the UK are being denied access to 15 cancer drugs, drugs that have the potential to extend their lives by months and in some cases, years. And why would the British National Health Service deny their citizens life-saving treatments? The answer is simple: the NHS says it can’t afford them. Continue reading

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Mother Goose Combats Global Warming?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change, a UK governmental agency created in 2008 to save the planet from the scourge of human habitation, believes that part of its mission is to dish out a daily dose of indoctrination to all the good little UK kiddies. Continue reading

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In the UK, Only Polish Workers Need Apply

Are there any English people left in England anymore? Is one even allowed to ask such a straightforward query without being in violation of the Left’s multicultural mantra? Continue reading

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UK Debt: Time To Tax The Food

The socialist utopia, sad to say, comes with a whopping price tag. I know that’s not what our American Lefties want to hear but those spoiled spongers should take a gander at the UK goose that is getting cooked by the United Kingdom’s dynasty of debt. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism and Anglo-Saxon Suicide

I love it when the UK media graces us with its attention–all those puffed-up pontifications on American culture voiced in that snooty look-down-their-nose tone they do so well. But what sticks in the gut with this article, and most other communiques from the land of aristocratic socialism, is the patronizing school principal chastisement coming from a Brit journalist who seems to have forgotten the multicultural mess brewing in his own backyard. Continue reading

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Wind Farms: The Hot Air Is In The Hype

The UK, in the throes of a very cold winter, had expected its wind farms to generate a decent level of power to help keep the home fires burning. But unfortunately, the alternative power potentates in the UK seem to have forgotten a chilly fact or two: cold weather often brings high pressure and high pressure ofter brings no wind at all. Continue reading

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