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The Cultural Retardation of Conservatives

Hate to break it to you, gals and guys, but you’ll have to do more than just mozy on down to the polling station every four years to elect the next savior du jour if you want to take back America. Conservatives deserted the cultural playing field decades ago and amazingly they still don’t understand that they have to suit-up and show-up in order to win the game. Continue reading

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Flipping America the Bird, British Style

Apparently, if you’re a British diplomat serving in the United States and feeling a bit overshadowed by your bigger and better ally, you simply bake a creepy cake celebrating the destruction of your hated friend’s capitol building and then tweet a commemorative photograph of this governmental goodie to all and sundry. Just a little Monty Python humor to shore-up those flagging members of the British diplomatic corps. Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink. Continue reading

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Are Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes Identical Twins?

The many physical and psychological similarities between Maddow and Hayes have much to do with the provocative Tweet Ann Coulter wrote today in response to Chris Hayes’ reluctance to define our fallen troops as heroes. Continue reading

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Bill Maher: A Cry for Help

When snarky white liberal men expend their life’s energies denigrating the religious spirit and doing so with that swaggering in with the in-crowd sense of superiority, you can bet your bottom dollar that these nasty ninnies are suffering from a basic fear of faith. Continue reading

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Prosser Wins in Wisconsin: Michael Moore Melts

Like the cynics are prone to say in times of conflict: It ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings. Well, Madame Moore is skreeching like a barn owl on a hot summer’s night over conservative Supreme Court Justice, David Prosser, gaining close to 8,000 votes during the recounting of ballots in Wisconsin. Continue reading

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