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Trayvon Martin was a Gay Basher?

After the Piers Morgan CNN interview of Rachel Jeantel last night, I think we now have a clearer idea of just why Mr. Martin went out of his way to attack George Zimmerman. Rachel Jeantel was speaking with Martin on his cell phone the night the attack against Zimmerman occurred. Listen to her responses to Piers Morgan when he asks why Martin was ‘freaked out’ over Zimmerman. If you patiently make your way through Jeantel’s interview, you will get her personal on-the-scene take as to Martin’s motivation (and in her view, justification) for jumping poor George. And not surprisingly, this pathetic plot seems to boil down to that favorite old-fashioned hetero hazing sport known as gay bashing. According to Ms. Jeantel, Trayvon Martin thought Zimmerman was Gay, so dear little Tray felt quite free to beat the unholy crap out of this guileless guy. Continue reading

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The High-Tech Lynching of George Zimmerman

Now that George Zimmerman has been found innocent of all criminal charges by a jury of six very courageous women, the American public, along with Mr. Zimmerman himself, will have to endure even more manufactured mania, all packaged and pushed by the hate-heads of pro-regressive TV. And with the likes of such television dignitaries as Al Rev-em-up Sharpton tapping into the Eric Holder Social Justice Hotline, it looks like the media lynch mob is hoping to hang poor curious George with yet another made-to-order racist rope. Continue reading

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Donations Pour in for George Zimmerman’s Defense

The Hispanic man who was conveniently labeled by the Democrat media as a WHITE Hispanic, is getting some monetary support from the ordinary Joe and Jane. Over $200,000 has been donated to George Zimmerman, the man who has been charged with 2nd degree murder for the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Continue reading

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Juan Williams on Race: Let’s Stop Pretending It’s 1955

How about marching against the cable television shows constantly offering minstrel-show images of black youth as rappers and comedians who don’t value education, dismiss the importance of marriage, and celebrate killing people, drug money and jailhouse fashion? Continue reading

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Al Sharpton Apologizes to Zimmerman Family

In a dramatic turn of events in the Trayvon Martin media extravaganza down in Florida, Al Sharpton has temporarily backed down from his divisive race-baiting bullying and has offered a modest apology to the family of George Zimmerman. Continue reading

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Hoodie Histrionics and the Failure of Black Leadership

The essence of African-American male leadership perfectly expressed by the sight of middle-aged Black men, New York state legislators, donning hooded sweatshirts in solidarity with a pathetic punk culture that personifies nothing more than personal failure and communal decline. Perhaps these silly men will now utter forth in Eubonic pentameters to completely round out this thick-headed Theater of the Racially Absurd. Continue reading

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Lynch Mobs of the Left

As the social insanity continues in the Trayvon Martin case and as the Leftist media hysterically churns out a nasty narrative hell-bent on framing the altercation between an African-American youth and an Hispanic man in terms of an old black and white rerun from the Jim Crow days of the 1950s, there is an alternative intelligent voice of reason to be heard over at PJ Media. Continue reading

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Florida Shooting Highlights Hypocrisy of Race Hustling

This is the photograph of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot and killed the black 17-year old in Sanford, Florida. Despite the ethnic nuance of his German sounding surname, Mr. Zimmerman is obviously of strong Hispanic descent and a member of a very diverse and multiracial family. Continue reading

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