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A Thanksgiving Truism from Pat Sajak

We should give thanks that our country still stands…despite the number of turkeys we’ve voted for over the years. Continue reading

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The Thanksgiving Trick: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

Ding-Dong! The Illegal Freeloaders Are Here! Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary

This Thanksgiving week also marks the 4-year anniversary of The Lesbian Conservative. Thanks to everyone out there in Internet space who has loyally followed my blog through all the political thick and thin. Continue reading

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The Plymouth Colony: America’s First Failed Socialist Experiment

Did you know that Thanksgiving is as much a celebration of down-and-dirty capitalism as it is a humble thank you to a glorious Providence for its gracious bounty? As Jerry Bowyer’s op/ed piece in Forbes yesterday patiently explained, those earnest Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony had to learn the hard way that the best man-made ideologies don’t hold a candle to simple human nature.

So when you bite into that delicious turkey today and then cram your eyeballs with football, football, and more football, you might find a moment to ponder the infinite perfection of the best imperfect economic system ever devised by the natural inclinations of normal men and women. Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Parable for the Politically Depressed

As this Chinese gentleman so wisely perceived, the determination of any drama is not necessarily concluded in each of its unfolding scenes.
Life’s fickle events certainly shape and mold us. But often we forget that we too do the shaping, not only of circumstances, but of our character and our destiny. So let this holiday season be a time for fruitful introspection and let us choose to stand together upon the solid rock of thanksgiving. Continue reading

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A Happy Rockwell Thanksgiving

Home for Thanksgiving, November 24, 1945. Continue reading

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A Progressive Thanksgiving: Power to the Turkeys!

It just wouldn’t be a typical American holiday in this progressive day and age without the guilt-tripping, gut-wrenching liberal deconstruction of our traditional Thanksgiving celebration. Or should we be calling it a decelebration? And there is no better exposé of our inherently hateful white Western European nature than a little inside-out historical revision to portray the truly authentic experience of our poor oppressed bird-brained brothers and sisters that have run afoul of us horribly hungry humans. Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful holiday! Continue reading

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