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William Ayers at Pitt: Where The Heck Were The Protestors?

The scheduled appearance of the aging home-grown bomber, William Ayers at the University of Pittsburgh, drew approximately 150 students all agog to hear the guru of progressive educational propaganda. Although this event sparked a few concern calls to the university, no protesters were on hand to greet the Left-wing Yuppi Terrorist. Continue reading

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Women Suicide Bombers: It’s All The Rage

Women suicide bombers headed our way. So states the top story in the UK Telegraph today. Intelligence sources are reporting that young Western looking women have been undergoing terrorist training in Yemen conducted by the same group responsible for the panty bomber incident on Christmas day here in the US. Continue reading

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Where Oh Where Has Hillary Gone?

Has anyone seen our illustrious Secretary of State lately? Or heard a peep from her? At least we know our Affirmative Action Uber-Mensch is sunny himself on the shores of Hawaii. Continue reading

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Oppressed Third World Victim Assaulted On Plane

Our Paragon of Victimhood was attacked by several passengers when he tried to express his people’s pain and suffering at the hands of the Capitalistic Christian Corrupters (CCC). The audacious attack on our Brave Broken Brother is most clearly a heinous and horrific Hate Crime. Continue reading

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