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American Marxist Meets UK Socialism: A Conservative is Born

Janet Daly is a political commentator and writer whose articles appear in the UK Daily Telegraph. Daly has an intersting personal history and her intellectual journey from a UC Berkeley radical to an expatriate conservative living in the UK reads as a modern day Pilgrim’s Progress. Continue reading

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Sex and the City II: Giving Islam the Shaft

Is Hollywood having a hype hemorrhage? Have the hawkers of multicultural homage stroked out from too much politically correct cholesterol? Continue reading

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Tea Party British Style

The Tea Party Movement has caught the attention of some of our cousins in the UK. The UK Telegraph, in a brief article today, announced the official launch of the British Tea Party Movement on Saturday, February 27th in the Brighton home of Daniel Hannon, journalist. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism and Anglo-Saxon Suicide

I love it when the UK media graces us with its attention–all those puffed-up pontifications on American culture voiced in that snooty look-down-their-nose tone they do so well. But what sticks in the gut with this article, and most other communiques from the land of aristocratic socialism, is the patronizing school principal chastisement coming from a Brit journalist who seems to have forgotten the multicultural mess brewing in his own backyard. Continue reading

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