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The Demise of the Democrat Party: Saying Goodbye to all those Coalitions

Don’t look now, but those pesky long-term trends are showing. And their sneak preview into the American political future bodes bad news for the progressive true believers in the Democrat party. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Docs to be Punished for Fake Sick Notes

A spokesperson for the University of Wisconsin stated today that the Medical School had concluded their investigation into the fake doctor note scandal that involved twenty two of their physicians. Back in February during the teacher demonstrations against Govenor Walker’s collective bargaining changes for public employees, many of the university’s physicians took part in the melee by handing out fake doctor excuses to the striking teachers. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Senate Strips Collective Bargaining: All Hell Breaks Loose

Take a look at the Lefty reaction to the Wisconsin Senate passing the measure to strip collective bargaining rights from public employees. The Republican lawmakers had to flee the state capitol for their physical safety after casting their votes.
[ Continue reading

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New Yorkers Like Their Teachers, But Not Their Unions

A Quinnipiac poll has found that New York residents really like their teachers but their unions have got to go. The poll showed that 50% of New Yorkers had a favorable opinion of public school teachers as opposed to 22% with an unfavorable opinion. Continue reading

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Most Wanted: Wisconsin Docs Handing Out Fake Notes

Five of the Wisconsin physicans who have been handing out fake medical notes to striking teachers at the Madison state capitol have been identified. And all five hail from the Family Practice Residency of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. Continue reading

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Teachers and Seniority: A Dumbing Down Experience

Yet another research study highlights the negative effects of relying exclusively on seniority in determining which teachers should get the axe during economic hard times. Continue reading

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