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Neshaminy Teachers’ Union Goes on Strike

The Neshaminy Teachers Union in Bucks County, Pennsylvania has called for a strike beginning Monday, January 9th. This public sector union with its arrogant and recalcitrant leadership is notorious for its greedy get all mentality. Continue reading

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LA Teachers’ Union Under Fire from Minorities

Well, well, another crack in the Democrat party’s cacophonous coalition of special interest groups. It seems that the scholastic sinkhole that masquerades as the Los Angeles school system has finally sunk low enough for local community groups to stand up to the treacherous teachers’ union. On Monday, several minority groups, in conjunction with the United Way, placed a full-page ad in the LA Times publicly declaring an in-your-face confrontation with the teachers’ union. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Teachers’ Union Laying Off Staff

The Wisconsin Education Association, the state’s largest teachers’ union, announced that it is laying off 40% of its staff (42 employees). Now that Wisconsin’s teachers are no longer forced to pay union dues to unions they haven’t voluntarily joined, the WEA’s coffers have been coughing up a big deficit for the union bosses. But it’s not just the loss of union dues that is hurting these solidarity shakedown artists, it’s also the loss of the exclusive right to provide healthcare and medical coverage for its teachers. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Teachers’ Union Gives Up on Viagra

The Milwaukee teachers’ union finally admitted defeat and agreed to drop it’s lawsuit against the school board for its failure to fund the erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra. After lots of pressure from parent groups and tons of bad press from local and national media, the teachers’ union gave up on its campaign to get it up at the taxpayers expense. Continue reading

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