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George Soros Shops at Target: The Boycott Bit the Dust!

Billionaire, George (Sauron) Soros isn’t particularly bothered by any silly progressive party line when it comes to building up his portfolio of capitalistic hard cash. His investment group, Soros Fund Management, purchased over half a million shares of Target stock in the second quarter of 2011 valued at $26 million. And is it any wonder that the Dark Lord of Left-wing sorcery is so bullish on Target’s bottom line—this retail chain is doing quite well, thank you very much, despite their failure to pledge unflagging fealty to those queer inquisitors of alternative lifestyle orthodoxy. Continue reading

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Boycotting the Boycotts

Today was my Boycott the Boycotts Day. And despite the rainy weather, I spent most of the afternoon shopping at some of those forbidden dens of anti-gay marriage iniquity. I had the delicious pleasure of dropping lots of cash and upping my credit card debt in a self-satisfying orgy of political incorrectness. Continue reading

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