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Pissing on the Enemy: Marines in Combat

Here it comes, all the bombastic brouhaha clamoring from the usual corners of our culture over a video clip of US Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. And of course, the same old puffed up promises from the bloated military bureaucracy swearing that a full and vigorous investigation will be conducted into the whys and wherefores of this combative whodunit. Yes, let the witch hunts begin. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton and Afghani Women

Words, words, words. Madam Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, voiced support for the women in Afghanistan today by stating that women’s rights should not be sacrificed in any political deal between Hamid Karzai’s government and the Taliban. In speaking to senior female government officials, Clinton proclaimed: “We will not abandon you.” Yeah, sure. Continue reading

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Tip-Toeing Our Way Through Afghanistan

I am not optimistic about our efforts in Afghanistan. We have military rules of engagement that in essence turn our soldiers into policemen while doing battle in a combat zone. Continue reading

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