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Merry Christmas from Aleppo

Yes, there are Christians in Aleppo. There have been Christians in Syria since the 1st century A. D. long before the ‘absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin’ spread its tentacles across the Middle East. And under Bashar al-Assad, the Christian community in Syria has prospered—a fact that the globalist fraternity engineering this ‘civil war’ would discard as irrelevant. Oh, and by the way, women living under the Assad regime go to school with the boys, earn higher education degrees, and hold down jobs just like any other female in a civilized society. Continue reading

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Barack Obama: The Emily Litella of our Time

After all the blustering bullshit about those nasty weapons of mass destruction used by the cruel Syrian dictator against his own people, after all the political pumping and preening by Obama, Kerry, and the RHINO retards, all insisting that America must mightily whack the crap out of Mr. Al-Asad by using the smallest, most ineffectual military strike these clowns could muster, we now have the obvious outcome of a befuddled foreign policy sadly slapped together like a Saturday Night Live comedy skit. Continue reading

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The Syrian Rebels: Oh, Those Madcap Muslims!

Hey, let’s all give a friendly shout-out to those wonderfully murderous medieval madmen calling themselves the Free Syrian Army (FSA). You know, those glorious ‘freedom fighters’ that the Obama administration just loves to cozy up to in the name of Arab Spring multiculturalism. Take a gander at one of the many promotional videos on YouTube highlighting the interesting outdoor activities of the FSA Allahu Akbar Muslim Meetup. Continue reading

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LezGetReal and Gay Girl in Damascus: Straight Men in Drag

Within the last week, two lesbian-authored blogs have been unmasked as nothing more than exotic window dressing for the strangely underhanded schemes of attention-seeking straight men. Continue reading

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