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Forget the Women’s Vote—It’s the Men that Count

If you have grown so very weary of the on-and-on blather that hypes the so-called significance of the super special women’s vote, then you can take to heart the latest statistical download from the survey folks at Gallup. It would appear that our pushed-aside and denigrated brothers are claiming a bigger impact on this presidential election than the female-focused pundits would like to admit. Continue reading

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Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage? Don’t You Believe It!

Gee, could it be that all those gay positive polls we’ve been seeing are not really representative of the American mindset? Well, let’s take a gander at the CBS/New York Times poll which also pushed the gay marriage hot button. Hoping I’m sure to show how gung-ho on gay marriage the populace had become after Obama’s flaming queen routine over the weekend, these media minions didn’t quite get the high-five sign from their liberally tilted respondents. Continue reading

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British Men Sleep with their Teddy Bears

Try not to regurgitate at this recent revelation concerning the people now serving as the poster child for progressive paternalism….It appears that many British men and women are still very much bonded to their Teddy Bears. Yep, a recent survey sponsored by Travelodge, a major hotel chain, reveals that 35% of British adults still go to bed each night clinging to their childhood care bears. Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Survey: Protestors Share Their Views

The first opinion poll of those Occupy Wall Street rapscallions has been completed and the political views expressed by these 21st century Robespierres have been neatly tagged and documented. Of course, it will come as no surprise to most of us folks who live out our daily lives free of illegally brazen behavior that these professional street urchins camped out in NYC espouse a political perspective that the average American abhors. Continue reading

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Women and Guns: Taking Aim at Self-Defense

A study conducted in 2009 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and Southwick Associates found that 70% of gun shop owners reported an increase in female gun buyers. Continue reading

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Tea Party People: Who Are We?

Here are some interesting statistics from the Sam Adams Alliance that provide a glimpse into the juggernaut phenomenon known as the Tea Party Movement. Respondents in this survey were asked a variety of questions concerning their participation. Continue reading

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