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Women Suicide Bombers: It’s All The Rage

Women suicide bombers headed our way. So states the top story in the UK Telegraph today. Intelligence sources are reporting that young Western looking women have been undergoing terrorist training in Yemen conducted by the same group responsible for the panty bomber incident on Christmas day here in the US. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism and Anglo-Saxon Suicide

I love it when the UK media graces us with its attention–all those puffed-up pontifications on American culture voiced in that snooty look-down-their-nose tone they do so well. But what sticks in the gut with this article, and most other communiques from the land of aristocratic socialism, is the patronizing school principal chastisement coming from a Brit journalist who seems to have forgotten the multicultural mess brewing in his own backyard. Continue reading

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The Fate of Women In Afghanistan

How bad is it for many of the women in Afghanistan? Bad enough to commit suicide via self-immolation. Continue reading

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