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Obama’s Ratings Go Down, Down, Down

Apparently, the American public is much less interested in hearing all those phony pronouncements about US foreign policy and the Libya Liberation Front than Mr. O’s handlers had realized. The Progressive-in-Chief managed to garner a total of 25.6 million viewers the other night as he nattered on about our wandering mission in the lost land of Libya. Continue reading

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The Oil Spill Speech: Obama Gets The Hook

The Obama speech last night from the Oval Office was the Reality TV flop of the season. When Mr. O, as President of the United States of America, barfed up all those big empty words of phony competence and courage, the American public recognized his stream of vacuous vomit for the oily gobbledygook it really was. Continue reading

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Conservative Activism On Campus

For far too long, the conservative movement has focused almost exclusively on the political arena. With academic reeducation camps feeding both the Marxist media and the bloated governmental bureaucracies, is it any wonder that our American dream is fast becoming a Bolshevik nightmare. Continue reading

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Left Blasts Obama’s Afghanistan Speech

It seems the Lefty love affair with our nation’s Lefty black president has soured on both sides of the Atlantic. Here are just two examples of the dire hand-wringing that is becoming more and more common in that camp. Continue reading

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