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The High-Tech Lynching of George Zimmerman

Now that George Zimmerman has been found innocent of all criminal charges by a jury of six very courageous women, the American public, along with Mr. Zimmerman himself, will have to endure even more manufactured mania, all packaged and pushed by the hate-heads of pro-regressive TV. And with the likes of such television dignitaries as Al Rev-em-up Sharpton tapping into the Eric Holder Social Justice Hotline, it looks like the media lynch mob is hoping to hang poor curious George with yet another made-to-order racist rope. Continue reading

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Halloween and the Redistribution of Candy—A Social Justice Metaphor

Obama’s Trick-or-Treat: An Equal Outcome Halloween. Out of the Mouths of Babes Came a Cry for Real Justice! Continue reading

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British Support Muslim Polygamy With Welfare Payments

In our modern heyday of Third World victims and the veneration of their barbarically medieval mores by silly White progressives, not only has a very bleary British blind eye been turned to the multiple couplings of Muslim men, but the UK welfare system is actually supporting Muslim male polygamy with nice fat taxpayer-provided payments. Continue reading

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Most Wanted: Wisconsin Docs Handing Out Fake Notes

Five of the Wisconsin physicans who have been handing out fake medical notes to striking teachers at the Madison state capitol have been identified. And all five hail from the Family Practice Residency of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. Continue reading

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American Marxist Meets UK Socialism: A Conservative is Born

Janet Daly is a political commentator and writer whose articles appear in the UK Daily Telegraph. Daly has an intersting personal history and her intellectual journey from a UC Berkeley radical to an expatriate conservative living in the UK reads as a modern day Pilgrim’s Progress. Continue reading

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Academic Bigotry: Israel and the Social Justice Farce

When it comes to hating Israel, the academic Left can spew out the anti-semitic vitriol better than most Ku Klux Klan-ers. After all, their academic Jew-baiting is couched in progressive palaver, that noisome New Speak that allows educated elitists to demonize entire human populations with impunity. Continue reading

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Polanski: Pedophile Goes Free

Roman Polanski, child rapist, will Not be extradited to the United States to face justice. Apparently, expecting a wealthy creative progressive type to be held to the same standards of decency, not to mention statutes of law, as all us lowly no-account peasants is an outrageous insult to the divine right of aristocratic Left-wing privilege. Continue reading

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