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Conservative Lesbians: A Basic Primer

Conservative lesbians….oh what a mystery we be to the very uninformed and the conscientiously ill-informed. So to help clear up some of the mindless malarkey (and to do a little public promoting of my blog) I created a short 3-minute video on Youtube to help counter some of the silly misconceptions. I hope you enjoy Conservative Lesbians: A Basic Primer. Continue reading

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Why Are So Many Lesbians Fat?

That earth-shattering question is being asked by researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. And just to show how important it is today to pander to the sexual minority movement, the National Institutes of Health have awarded the hospital a $1.5 million grant (aka taxpayers’ hard-earned money) to discover why 75% of the dyke domain is overweight. Continue reading

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The Cause of Homosexuality: More ‘Scientific’ Hogwash

Now that the ridiculous ‘scientific’ declaration that homosexuality is strictly genetically determined—an article of faith fiercely held by the adherents of white homosexual privilege—has landed in the dust heap of faux facts, we are now presented with another ‘it ain’t their fault’ fallacy. Yep, yet another government-funded research project to uncover the politically correct cause of gayness.

Take a gander at the latest bit of politically driven, queer-pandering bullshit masquerading as ‘science’. These academic bozos claim to have unlocked the puzzle of why people turn out gay. Continue reading

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The Boy Scouts Hold Their Ground—Good For Them!

Congratulations to the Boy Scouts of America for standing up to the vicious vendetta perpetrated by a bunch of gay goons and their media hit squad. It takes a special kind of courage to withstand the full force of a cultural tsunami hell-bent on crushing a successful non-profit membership organization. I support the BSA’s basic human right of freedom of association and I denounce the bully boy tactics that continue to be used against this great institution. Continue reading

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Sexual Orientation: Choice or No Choice?

To choose or not to choose, that is the queer question. For when it comes to the politics of sexual orientation within the LGBT communities, the concept of choice has long been the foreign invader for the gay group-think agenda. The terrible taboo of ever classifying anyone’s sexual identity as, god forbid!, an individual choice, appears to be exhibiting some cracks and crevices in that gay Ivory Tower of tow-the-party-line political correctness. And interestingly enough, the loudest voices of pro-choice dissension aren’t just coming from outside the gilded gay ghetto. Continue reading

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