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Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas: Facing Down the Liberal Lynch Mob

Twenty years ago, on October 11, 1991, Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice nominee, addressed the Senate confirmation committee to respond to sexual harassment allegations that were lodged against him by a former colleague. As a conservative judge, Justice Thomas faced near hysterical opposition from liberal politicians and their media toadies. These jackals did everything they could to publicly humiliate this man. Continue reading

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Socialist Sex and the IMF

Sacré bleu! A son of the French socialist elite has fallen afoul of America’s unsophisticated and so very parochial jurisprudence. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, has been charged with sexual assault, attempted rape, and unlawful detention of a chamber maid in his Sofitel Hotel suite in midtown Manhattan. It appears that our silly bourgeois criminal code frowns upon males of any variety who force their sexual lusts onto hard-working poorly paid cleaning ladies. Continue reading

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Jesse Jackson Accused of Gay Sexual Harassment

A former gay employee of the Rainbow Push Coalition has filed sexual harassment and discrimination charges against one of America’s premier race baiting, honky hustling hucksters, none other than the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Continue reading

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Violence Against Women in Tahrir Square: Welcome to the New Egypt

So much for all the liberal hype about democracy in action and the brave new Egypt that was forming from the ashes of the fallen Mubarak regime. Tahrir Square, the scene of extensive media coverage during the anti-Mubarak demonstrations, was the venue for violence on Tuesday when about a 100 women dared to gather to proclaim that they too have an active role to play in Egypt’s New Jersulem. Continue reading

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