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Women of the NRA—This Ain’t Your Old Man’s Outfit Anymore

Chicks Pulling the Trigger! The New Face of the Gun Lobby. Continue reading

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Woman with Gun—Robbers Run

These oh so macho men thought they had an easy target until out of nowhere they received a couple of blasts of retribution. Just goes to show that even a 65-year old woman can hold her own when confronted by 5 male thugs, as long as the great equalizer is at her side. Continue reading

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Senior Citizen Shoots Robbers—Grandpa Pumps It Up!

Instead of being a passive victim completely at the mercy of two gun-wielding little rats who thought they could easily rob an internet cafe full of compliant customers, a senior citizen instead decided to face down force with a little force of his own. Continue reading

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Oakland Businessman Stops Occupy Mob with Shotgun

Let’s hear it for Phil Tagami and the Second Amendment! Mr. Tagami is an Oakland businessman whose company had managed the development and renovation of the Rotunda building in downtown Oakland. The recent renovation project cost his firm $50 million. So Phil Tagami had no intention of sitting by and watching his pride and joy destroyed by a bunch of pseudo-revolutionary layabouts. Continue reading

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Gun Ownership Spikes, Especially Among Democrats

The latest Gallup poll gives us a glimpse into just how the concept of personal safety and gun ownership is getting played out within the American psyche today. The latest Gallup survey shows that more and more Americans are much less shy about admitting their gun-loving proclivities than ever before. Continue reading

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