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Scott Brown Leading Pocahontas in Polls

Two polls show Scott Brown leading Harvard’s academic darling, Elizabeth Warren, by 5% and 6%. This is very good news for Republicans after they have had to endure a week of Todd Akin angst. So it would appear that the Democrats’ answer to how ambitious white Left-wing biatches can game the affirmative action wheel of fortune is stumbling along under the cover of the Martha Coakley curse. Continue reading

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Federal Workers Owe $1 Billion in Back Taxes

As the 2011 tax season draws to a close today, it has come to the attention of Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts that some of America’s citizenry aren’t as compliant with our country’s tax laws as the rest of us over-burdened taxed-to-death suckers. And surprise, surprise, over 98,000 of these tardy tax dodgers turn out to be federal employees. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren Hobnobs with Hollywood

The Democrats have a never-ending Conga line of cossetted upwardly mobile white women who seem to congenitally crave the hard-earned cash of the working classes. Recently, we were treated to the poor me-you pay primer put forth by the poster girl for oppressed white chicks everywhere, Ms. Sandra Fluke, Georgetown University Law School student and member of the Georgetown chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. This going places gal believes it is only right and true that the white women elite of Georgetown get all their extracurricular no-cost nooky compliments of a heavily indebted nation. Continue reading

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Scott Brown Bounds Ahead of Elizabeth Warren

Hooray! Scott Brown, Republican Senator from Massachusetts, is eight points ahead of the Democrat dilettante, Elizabeth Warren, in the latest poll released the other day by Suffolk University. Considered exceedingly vulnerable in the upcoming 2012 election, Brown and his campaign have been working hard to portray Warren as an insulated Ivy League Left-wing loon. And surprisingly, it looks like this strategy is working, despite the fact that Left-leaning loonyism is very much the political norm in the Democrat kingdom of the Kennedy’s. Continue reading

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Gay Fisting Czar Takes His Dubious Talents Elsewhere

Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Department of Education who had assumed the duties of the so-called Safe Schools Czar in the Obama administration, has decided to move on to greener pastures. Mr. Jennings will be taking the helm of the Massachusetts-based non-profit, Be the Change. He was chosen for the role of President and CEO after a nation-wide search to replace the organization’s founder, Alan Khazei. Khazei intends to take on Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senatorial race in 2012. Continue reading

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