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Bill Maher Compares Islam and Christian Fundamentalism

In any Islamic outpost around the globe, Bill Maher and his applauding audience would find themselves with hacked off heads in such enlightened societal havens as Saudi Arabia, with ripped apart limbs in such progressive places as Pakistan, and with very sore rumps from those gang bang rehabilitation cells in such liberally acclaimed towers of modernity as Turkey. Continue reading

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Saudi Women Drive for Freedom

Let us all applaud the courage of the handful of Saudi women who got behind the wheel on June 17th in a bold act of civil disobedience against a frighteningly misogynistic and medieval society. It’s estimated that approximately a dozen women throughout Saudi Arabia took to the road either alone or with family members to defy the Saudi ban on women drivers. Security forces were apparently ordered to ignore any female violating the ban, and at this point, no arrests have been reported. Continue reading

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Facebook Campaign: Whacking Saudi Women Who Dare to Drive

Women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia (yes, there actually are women in this ultra-repressive female-hating culture willing to risk life and limb to help move their country a smidgen or two out of the Middle Ages), are planning a demonstration in June to protest the arrest of Manal al-Sharif, a Saudi sister who has been jailed for defying her country’s ban on distaff drivers. And of course, what better way to demonstrate for the equal right of unfettered maneuverability than for women to slide behind the wicked wheel of flighty freedom and roar on down that revolutionary road in search of the 21st century. Continue reading

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