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Women of the NRA—This Ain’t Your Old Man’s Outfit Anymore

Chicks Pulling the Trigger! The New Face of the Gun Lobby. Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke Auctioned Off for 400 Bucks

What would you pay for an ‘intimate’ hour with Sandra Fluke? What bang for your buck do you think you’d get from 60 enthralling online minutes in the presence of this cossetted concubine of the progressive socialist movement?

Certainly, Ms. Fluke’s years of slaving away to earn her daily bread would provide an hour’s worth of wonder….oops, wait a minute, she’s never actually worked a hard day in her spoiled and very privileged 30-year life. Ok, well then it must surely be her glowing years of selfless service to the downtrodden and poor, offering up her numinous talents to improve the lives of others….oops, wrong again. Now wait a minute here….surely this Democrat dame has done something with her snooty white middle-class life that would justify auctioning off an hour of Fluke’s time to the genetically gullible. Continue reading

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Jack Nicholson’s War on Women

Jack Speaks Truth to the Sandra Flukes Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke Who??

Appearing at the local Sak N Save in Reno, Nevada, Miss Fluke told her adorning audience of ten just how important it was to reelect Prince Charming, for without the likes of Big Daddy O, the wimpy women of America wouldn’t be able to locate their lady parts let alone manage them.

How utterly laughable, that the male-hating womyn’s movement has been cleverly co-opted by the very forces it has always sought to vanquish. Now instead of barefoot and pregnant, we are urged to be bare-assed and promiscuous. My gosh, our great grandmothers were freer and more self-sufficient than this progressive caricature of the independent woman. Continue reading

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Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke, Together At Last

Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke will both be at the Democrat Convention next week. Hooray! Time to break out the cigars! Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke and Lolo Jones: Two Faces of American Eve

Ms. Fluke may be hustling on the road campaigning for the Progressive-in-Chief and the Democrats may see sexual Sandy as a big political asset to be hawk to the liberal masses, but make no mistake, it is Lolo Jones, who in her exuberant yet unassuming way, is transforming the image of American womanhood. Continue reading

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Of Barking Vaginas and Tantrum Tactics

From the failed boycott of the state of Arizona for daring to require ID from those crossing the path of the police, to the failed Wisconsin recall election of Scott Brown pushed by over-paid unionized employees, to the failed public park takeovers of the moronic Occupy movement, to the failed attempt to censure radio’s Rush Limbaugh for daring to slutify a sexually active female freeloader, to the failed gay gangster beat-down of the Chick-fil-A fast food franchise—the organized Mafia-like mob of the hard Left has found itself faced with many whopping failures over the past few years. Could it be that the confrontational tantrum tactics of the oh so faux tolerance toadies have lost their political punch? Continue reading

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NOW Starts ‘Enough Rush’ Campaign

The National Organization for Womyn is desperately in need of money. Even as their membership continues to shrivel unto divisive Democrat dust, and even as their political and social influence continues to fade into that jaded sunset of a previous generation’s glory days, the NOW crowd is desperately seeking a lot of cash and credit. Yes, the gilded groupies of Bill Clinton’s Crotch Chronicles are groveling for some big time booty. Continue reading

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Woman Disfigured by Acid Attack Commits Suicide

As pampered white middle-class faux feminists in this country invent and reinvent their myriad manufactured gripes and grievances against the patriarchal ‘evils’ of American culture, the terrifyingly unfeigned horrors confronting Third World women have found no place on the poor-me podium featuring the liberal ladies’ endless laments. It seems the white sisterhood these days is way too busy selling the likes of Sandra Fluke as the oppressed poseur for taxpayer-provided freelance fucking. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren Hobnobs with Hollywood

The Democrats have a never-ending Conga line of cossetted upwardly mobile white women who seem to congenitally crave the hard-earned cash of the working classes. Recently, we were treated to the poor me-you pay primer put forth by the poster girl for oppressed white chicks everywhere, Ms. Sandra Fluke, Georgetown University Law School student and member of the Georgetown chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. This going places gal believes it is only right and true that the white women elite of Georgetown get all their extracurricular no-cost nooky compliments of a heavily indebted nation. Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke and Government-Funded F**king

A little fun at the expense of the Sandra Fluke fan club and all others who think that government-funded f**king is a fantastic idea. So as all the whining womyn join hands in solidarity singing She Ain’t Slutty, She’s My Sister, let us drown out these carping harpies with a little reality-based humor. Continue reading

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