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Just What Is the GOP Mandate?

To begin their tenure in 2015 by initiating a full-stop Beltway battle is, in my humble opinion, suicidal for the Republicans. And the Screaming Meemees of Talk Radio who are clamoring for an all out frontal attack against Obama and his policies are too egotistically stupid to grasp the strategic failure of such an approach. You don’t defeat the Obama hydra with a trumpet-blaring, drum-beating charge of the Light Brigade and expect to hold the high ground of public opinion. Instead, you kill the monster with a thousand cuts inflicted by the legislative pen of the oh so reasonable and oh so sensible Republican Senate. Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh, Children’s Author?

Rush Limbaugh, the writer of children’s books? Rush Limbaugh, the political father figure for the befuddled youth of America? Oh yes indeedy do. On his radio program today, Mister Limbaugh announced his daring plunge into the children’s publishing field with an educational offering on US history. His new book in the kiddy genre is entitled: Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. And I’m sure this nugget of no-nonsense American heritage geared toward the junior high crowd will hardly be a stand alone attraction.
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Rush Limbaugh on Gay Marriage: Another Nugget of Stupidity

Limbaugh’s latest breathtaking analysis proffers his feeble attempt to explain away the social success of the gay marriage marathon, a cultural phenomenon that has been running non-stop across America’s social scene for many years now. Mr. Limbaugh dismisses this drawn-out decades-long shift in the American psyche with a quick flick of his wilted wit. Continue reading

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The Conservative Movement—A March to Nowhere?

In the year of Our Lord 2012, Rush Limbaugh and other Mortimer Snerds of the conservative movement have finally come to the earth-shattering conclusion that the culture just might have something to do with why Romney lost the election and why our country is where it is today. Wow! What an awesome epiphany! And keep in mind, folks, that Limbaugh makes millions and millions of American bucks to preach this kind of pathetic non-insight from his pompous radio pulpit.

The insular stupidity of conservative ‘leadership’ manifested by the egotistical bombast of the Rush Limbaughs of our conservative world, is glaringly front and center and conspicuously on display. Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Tweaks the Teat on Time Magazine

The print media continues its downward dive, losing subscribers with each passing quarter as it descends into ever more pathetic attention-grabbing bouts of desperation. The latest lack of professional propriety has been offered up by Time Magazine. Time’s current issue presents a sexy-looking woman on its front cover nursing her child, but the ‘baby’ attached to the exposed breast is the female’s four year-old son standing on a chair in order to reach the proffered meal. Ostensibly used to hawk their main feature on attachment parenting entitled Are You Mom Enough?, the graphic front cover has caused a bit of a backlash buzz. Continue reading

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Rush Babes for America: A Big Smack at NOW

Rush Limbaugh has taken a clever swipe at the National Organization for Women, the self-deluded group of Left-wing ladies masquerading as enlightened mavens for all things female. Limbaugh has started a new Facebook Page entitled Rush Babes for America a.k.a. The National Organization for Rush Babes. His new Page is dedicated to conservative women. Continue reading

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NOW Starts ‘Enough Rush’ Campaign

The National Organization for Womyn is desperately in need of money. Even as their membership continues to shrivel unto divisive Democrat dust, and even as their political and social influence continues to fade into that jaded sunset of a previous generation’s glory days, the NOW crowd is desperately seeking a lot of cash and credit. Yes, the gilded groupies of Bill Clinton’s Crotch Chronicles are groveling for some big time booty. Continue reading

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Arby’s Hates Conservatives

The fast food chain, Arby’s, doing business under the slogan The Good Mood Food, has created a bit of bad temper in many of its conservative customers. For some bizarre politically motivated reason, Arby’s went out of its way on Wednesday to make it clear to all and sundry that they would no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. Since most folks in the know thought that the latest Rush riot was officially over, it seemed strange to many in the media that Arby’s was making such a public decision this late in the political news cycle. And with Limbaugh’s announcement the other day that Arby’s has never been an advertiser on his radio program in the first place, this fast food manufactured mystery has only deepened. Continue reading

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Limbaugh on Liberalism

In describing the total shock and horror of the liberal Left at the type of constitutionally based questions being lobbed at the administration’s Solicitor General during the Obamacare hearing at the Supreme Court last week, Rush Limbaugh offered up this pithy observation of the Left’s out-of-touch intellectual sophistry in tune with the media’s Trayvon Martin meme. Continue reading

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Al Sharpton—Making Rush Limbaugh Sound Like a Saint

Ah, the very briny brain of the loud and lowly Al Sharpton. I thought it would be nice to take a little stroll down the back roads and byways of the public life of Al the Foul and get re-acquainted with this MSNBC cheapjack hack. So here’s a fast and furious mini-course conducted by the very man who thinks Rush Limbaugh should be hounded off the airwaves. Continue reading

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Andrew Breitbart: Bulldog for the Cause

Tributes are pouring forth from all corners of the alternative media world today in acknowledgment of the contributions of Andrew Breitbart to the conservative cause and to the political art of investigative journalism. Continue reading

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Ann Coulter is Right: Romney is the Best Conservative Choice

As yet another Republican primary debate blows by the airwaves and as yet another round of anti-Romney rhetoric ushers forth from the usual cadre of bloggers and big-mouthed talk show hosts, us political peons out here in the hinterland can only take our heads in our hands in response to the self-destructive hubris of the conservative anti-Establishment. Continue reading

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AttackWatch: Something Creepy This Way Comes

Does your household harbor a reactionary Republican? Is there a work colleague making anti-Barack boasts during the lunch break? Well, be of good cheer, dear comrades, because AttackWatch is up and running and able and ready to take their names. The latest Obama 2012 reelection strategy is the creation of a creepy report the enemy website called AttackWatch.com. It’s a hyped-up and nastier version of the Fight the Smears site from Obama’s 2008 campaign and encourages O-bot supporters to report those who dare to stain the sainted aura of their great leader.
Continue reading

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To Governor Rick Perry: Run Rick, Run

Did you know that 47% of all the jobs created in America in the last two years were jobs created within the state of Texas? Did you know that the state of Texas instituted legislative changes to counter frivolous lawsuits by passing The Loser Pays Reform Act? Did you know that the state of Texas has combated voter fraud by requiring ID at the polls? Did you know that the state of Texas has a balanced budget and surplus revenue?
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Rush Limbaugh’s Take on Wisconsin

Rush Limbaugh puts the public union debacle in Wisconsin into clear political perspective. If you missed his Friday broadcast, here’s his slamming commentary on Wisconsin, Obama, and public sector unions. Continue reading

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Tea Party on the Move: O’Donnell Wins in Delaware!

Another RINO bites the dust! Christine O’Donnell wins the Republican senatorial primary in Delaware in a stunning victory over Mike Castle. Continue reading

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