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UAW CarpetBaggers Tossed Out of Tennessee

The unionizing of the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee was supposed to be an easy victory for the United Auto Workers. Finding unprecedented support from the management of the plant, the UAW bosses surmised a simple slam-dunk in their first campaign battle to subjugate the recalcitrant, right-to-work South. But surprise, surprise—instead of picking that soiled union label to be forever welded to their wallets, the VW workers, to the shock and chagrin of progressive toadies everywhere, pinned the turn-down tail on this Democrat donkey. Continue reading

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Indiana Right-to-Work Signed into Law

It’s a good day for the Hoosier State and a bad day for the organized protection racket known as employee unions. Governor Mitch Daniels signed his state’s Right-to-Work bill into law today which will now prohibit unions and companies from entering into contracts that require non-union workers to pay mandatory union dues. Continue reading

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