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GOProud, Rick Perry, and Forcible Outing

There has been a bit of a brouhaha within conservative circles over the inadvertent outing of one of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign strategists by none other than GOProud, the gay conservative political organization. The Perry campaign released a political ad several days ago knocking the repeal of DADT, and in responding to the content of the ad, GOProud apparently mentioned to the media that a particular Perry strategist was gay. Since this strategist was closeted with regard to his sexual orientation, GOProud had effectively outed him. Many conservatives were upset at what they saw as a despicable act by GOProud and that included the influential alternative media maven, Andrew Breitbart. Continue reading

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The Perry-Obama Contrast: The Photo Says It All

This photograph, which compares a 20-somthing Rick Perry with an equally young Barack Obama (if that’s what he was calling himself at the time), is more than just a stark contrast between the patriotic Air Force pilot and the academic affirmative action drifter. This Photo-shopped mixed metaphor of two modern day males, also showcases the glaring juxtaposition of the real world full-force engagement of American values and the dorm room weak-willed disconnect of airhead suppositions. Continue reading

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Perry Leading Republican Field in New Poll

Governor Rick Perry has pulled ahead of the Republican pack. Rasmussen has just released their latest poll and the numbers are encouraging for Perry. Continue reading

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Chris Matthews: It’s the Rick Perry Tingle

If Chris Matthew’s ridiculous remarks about Governor Rick Perry are any thing to go by, it would appear that the poor benighted boobs on the Left have really run out of coherent political commentary. And is it any wonder. After spending the past three years in exhaustive hyper-drive hysterically hitting at Sarah Palin and Tea Party America, the Prog Head punch lines are now sputtering out into futile flecks of spittle and foam. Continue reading

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Rick Perry is Officially IN: Let the Games Begin

It’s now official: Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is a publicly proclaimed candidate for the Republican presidential nomination for 2012. And already up and running is the Rick Perry for President website which went live this afternoon.
Having been sorely disappointed at the motley crew of Republican presidential contenders currently strutting their stuff in Iowa, I’m pleased and more than a bit relieved to see Governor Perry tossing his Texan hat into the political 3-ring circus. I certainly have respect for Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty, but quite frankly, neither project that presidential demeanor that is the quintessential quality for any successful candidate running for president today. Continue reading

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To Governor Rick Perry: Run Rick, Run

Did you know that 47% of all the jobs created in America in the last two years were jobs created within the state of Texas? Did you know that the state of Texas instituted legislative changes to counter frivolous lawsuits by passing The Loser Pays Reform Act? Did you know that the state of Texas has combated voter fraud by requiring ID at the polls? Did you know that the state of Texas has a balanced budget and surplus revenue?
Continue reading

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