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Trump Trumps the Media

The beta boys of Marxist media can sure as hell dish it out but notice how they pee their panties when our sitting President refuses to be a sitting duck. The political chicanery and media madness that has ensued since the election of Donald Trump has brought the Left to new lows of anarchical violence and media-sponsored sedition. Any Conservative who thought the Democrats and the rest of the Left would simply accept defeat and move on to political business as usual, has now been smacked in the face by a big, fat, consciousness-raising epiphany. Continue reading

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Just What Is the GOP Mandate?

To begin their tenure in 2015 by initiating a full-stop Beltway battle is, in my humble opinion, suicidal for the Republicans. And the Screaming Meemees of Talk Radio who are clamoring for an all out frontal attack against Obama and his policies are too egotistically stupid to grasp the strategic failure of such an approach. You don’t defeat the Obama hydra with a trumpet-blaring, drum-beating charge of the Light Brigade and expect to hold the high ground of public opinion. Instead, you kill the monster with a thousand cuts inflicted by the legislative pen of the oh so reasonable and oh so sensible Republican Senate. Continue reading

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A Push for Civil Unions in Colorado

The issue of civil unions for same-sex couples is still alive and well in the state of Colorado and it’s getting a push from some important Republicans. Continue reading

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Battle for the Senate: Republicans Gain Ground

The Republicans’ good chances of gaining majority control of the US Senate just got even better. With the announced retirement of Senator Ben Nelson (D) of Nebraska, the Democrats must now defend 23 Senate seats in 2012 while the Republicans have only 10 seats to defend. Continue reading

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