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Rick Perry is Officially IN: Let the Games Begin

It’s now official: Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is a publicly proclaimed candidate for the Republican presidential nomination for 2012. And already up and running is the Rick Perry for President website which went live this afternoon.
Having been sorely disappointed at the motley crew of Republican presidential contenders currently strutting their stuff in Iowa, I’m pleased and more than a bit relieved to see Governor Perry tossing his Texan hat into the political 3-ring circus. I certainly have respect for Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty, but quite frankly, neither project that presidential demeanor that is the quintessential quality for any successful candidate running for president today. Continue reading

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Herman Cain: The Real Intellectual Deal

Since a couple of TLC readers have expressed their unequivocal support for Herman Cain for the presidential Republican nomination, I thought it was high time I got to know Mr. Cain a little better. And I have to admit I like what I’m discovering. Mr. Cain has genuine intellectual attainments, unlike the Affirmative Action phony baloney credentials laid upon the undeserving shoulders of the progressive paragon of Ivy League entitlement known as Barack Obama. Herman Cain is the Real Deal when it comes to smarts, hard work, definitive accomplishments, business stewardship, proven leadership, and overall integrity. Obama is a moral and mental dwarf in comparison to this man. Continue reading

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To Governor Rick Perry: Run Rick, Run

Did you know that 47% of all the jobs created in America in the last two years were jobs created within the state of Texas? Did you know that the state of Texas instituted legislative changes to counter frivolous lawsuits by passing The Loser Pays Reform Act? Did you know that the state of Texas has combated voter fraud by requiring ID at the polls? Did you know that the state of Texas has a balanced budget and surplus revenue?
Continue reading

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FreedomWorks and Dick Armey

Want to do your bit to fight the pestilence that has infested the American social and political fabric? Want to fight back against the big government gulag but not sure what to do? Feeling glooming about America’s future? Then take the time to check out FreedomWorks Continue reading

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GOProud Endorses Carly Fiorina

GOProud announced today that they are endorsing Carly Fiorina for US Senate in the California Republican primary to be held Tuesday, June 8th. Continue reading

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