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The Donald: The Ultimate Fear Factor

Nothing quite says Holy Crisis, Batman! for the Republican Party than the loud, rough, and braggadocious voice of Donald Trump. Speaking in tones not attuned to the solemn and very middle-class meows of mellow non-threatening Establishment types, The Donald shocks and infuriates both the standard-issue GOP suits and the pristine elements within the Conservative movement. Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Victory Speech: The Gauntlet is Thrown!

Mitt is looking and sounding great. His victory speech last night in New Hampshire was a powerful preview of just how he’s going to wipe the floor with that Hope & Change flim-flam man. The Democrat media decided not to broadcast Mitt’s speech last night, but they can’t shut out the Mitt Man’s mega message indefinitely—the shift in political momentum is now almost palpable. We’re gona win this thing! Continue reading

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A Triple Win for Romney

Mitt Romney has been declared the winner in the Maryland, DC, and Wisconsin primaries. So isn’t it now time for Mister Sad Sack Santorum to bow out gracefully? Or will Mister Sole Conservative drag out his candidacy like the silly spoilsport he has turned to be? Continue reading

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