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Donald Trump 2016

The Republican Party began this Presidential primary season with sixteen candidates. Sixteen. One would think that with sixteen GOP politicos to choose from, we registered Republicans would have had such a dreadful time determining a winner from such a sparkling array of puffed-up personalities. But in a bleary blink of a bought-and-paid-for jaundiced eye, these pillars of Republican-defined conservatism were quickly unmasked as Open Borders-Big Business-Globalist Grinches with nary a notion of concern for the welfare of the long-suffering American citizen. All but one that is. Continue reading

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The Donald: The Ultimate Fear Factor

Nothing quite says Holy Crisis, Batman! for the Republican Party than the loud, rough, and braggadocious voice of Donald Trump. Speaking in tones not attuned to the solemn and very middle-class meows of mellow non-threatening Establishment types, The Donald shocks and infuriates both the standard-issue GOP suits and the pristine elements within the Conservative movement. Continue reading

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Vote Republican!

Here in Pennsylvania today, I’ll be casting my ballot for Can’t-Do-Much-of-Anything Corbett, the pathetic Republican schmoe running for a second term as Governor. The big lummox is behind in the polls, so my vote will be in vain but I do my duty despite the despair. I can only shake my head in frustration and disgust at the Republican Party’s ability to continually dig up such no-name, do-nothing dinosaur dolts. Thanks to their ineptitude and stupidity, Pennsylvanians will be saddled with an Obama-loving, Left-wing loon. The good old Republican party, shooting itself in the foot once again. Continue reading

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Battle of the Campaign Ads: Romney Scores Another Hit

Ain’t it grand to see aggressive, smart, and effective battle tactics coming from the Republican Party? My gosh, after having to live through the bumbling brainless vaudeville routine of the McCain campaign back in 2008, it is so energizing to witness the kind of kick-butt operation that Mitt Romney is putting together. Keep it coming, boys and girls. Continue reading

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Dennis Prager and Gay Conservatives

Some talk around town about us lesbians and gays of a conservative persuasion…
Following the resignation of Richard Grenell, a foreign policy adviser for Mitt Romney, and the kerfuffle that followed Grenell’s departure, there were little media confabs here and there about gays serving within the exalted ranks of the Republican Party. Yesterday, Dennis Prager, syndicated conservative radio talk show host, added his interesting take to this homo-conservative debate. Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Romney

So just what’s wrong with Mitt Romney’s campaign? Well, Mark Steyn, commentator, columnist, radio host, and author, has concisely and accurately hammered the political nail directly on the head. I don’t know who is providing the highly-paid campaign advice for Mr. Mitt, but there needs to be a Come to Jesus confrontation within his consultative ranks. Continue reading

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