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Yahoo! News Editor Fired Over ‘Black People Drowning’ Comment

The Washington Bureau Chief for Yahoo! News was fired today for his hateful comment directed at Republicans, a comment that was made live during coverage of the Republican National Convention. Not realizing he was close to a hot mic, David Chalian made the following slur which brought amused laughter from his colleagues: “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.”
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Mia Love and Other Minorities Blacked Out at MSNBC

If you were watching the Republican National Convention over at the MSNBC Democrat plantation, you wouldn’t have seen nor heard the speeches of Black or Latino Republicans. Such uppity minorities who dare to thumb their noses at the Democrat’s grievance grindstone are a growing threat to the progressive party line and therefore must be blacked out by the white liberal elites running the political showbiz at MSNBC. Continue reading

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Code Pink’s Vagina Men

There’s nothing that shouts male sex appeal like the grotesque sight of two grown men struggling to encase themselves in costumes of flaming pink plastic vaginas. These valiant progressive eunuchs of the Code Pink Crotch Cotillion are ready, willing, and somewhat able to present themselves to the whole wide world dressed in the decorative display of pussy plumage. Continue reading

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