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The Win in Wisconsin—What It Really Means

One of the best analysis on the Walker Wisconsin recall win was penned by Walter Russell Mead at the American Interest today. If you’ve ever scratched your head in total bewilderment at the obstinate stance taken by Democrats over the commonsense agenda of reducing an outsized government bureaucracy, here’s your answer. Continue reading

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From Deficit to Surplus—Scott Walker Has Kicked Butt

Yet Scott Walker has been attacked, harassed, and physically threatened for manning up to the unions and doing what had to be done. Why would any public worker believe they have a God-given right to live better than the people who are paying their wages? Unfortunately in America today, there are many such entitlement folks all collecting paychecks from Democrat-dominated public sector bureaucracies. Continue reading

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Scott Walker Up By 9 Points in Wisconsin

Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is leading his Democrat challenger, Tom Barrett, by 9 percentage points in the latest poll released by We Ask America. Continue reading

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Governor Scott Walker and the Recall: On, Wisconsin!

I woke up to great news this morning on discovering that the Democrat-controlled public unions had failed in their attempt to take over the Wisconsin State Senate chamber. Hurrah! Power to the People! We have won yet another hard-fought battle in the war to restore America. Despite spending over $30 million dollars and busing in scores of Astroturf agitators from out-of-state, the unions and their Democrat comrades were still unable to bully and belie their way to victory. Continue reading

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