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MSNBC Tanks in Zimmerman Ratings

MSNBC, the cable network that bills itself as THE place for politics, is discovering that the heavy-handed progressive pull of its so-called news coverage just ain’t selling like it use to. The Lefty true believers, including liberals and hardcore pro-regressives alike, apparently are finding it quite difficult these days to treat this fringe freak show of a network with any form of respect. Yes indeed, the feel-good faithful have been publicly proclaiming its been-there-done-that boredom with MSNBC by simply not showing up for the ratings roll call. Continue reading

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MSNBC Finishes Dead Last in the Convention Ratings

The viewer stats for the first night of the Republican Convention are in and bringing up the rear is none other than the back-end boys of MSNBC. Continue reading

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MSNBC Takes a Dive in the Ratings

Those so sought after ratings are not on the rise at the MSNBC news network this year. In fact, cable’s liberal nest of noisome nonsense is poised to plunge to last place in the ongoing 3-way battle for cable news dominance. Losing its market share in that all-important age range of 25 – 54, MSNBC has been seeing its prime time audience slip sliding away. Continue reading

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Obama’s Ratings Go Down, Down, Down

Apparently, the American public is much less interested in hearing all those phony pronouncements about US foreign policy and the Libya Liberation Front than Mr. O’s handlers had realized. The Progressive-in-Chief managed to garner a total of 25.6 million viewers the other night as he nattered on about our wandering mission in the lost land of Libya. Continue reading

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Late Night Maneuvers: Leno Tops Letterman Again

For the second night in a row, Jay Leno hits the ratings jackpot, leaving Lefty Letterman lagging in the late night shadows. TV By The Numbers reports that for the second evening in a row, Leno”s Tonight Show beat Letterman, with viewership in the 18 to 49 age category choosing overwhelmingly to tune the dial to the Tonight Show. Continue reading

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Fox News Celebrates A Very Merry Christmas

Fox News crushes the competition. In the year of Obama, in the year of progressive apotheosis, could it be that the Left-wing pantheon is beginning to crumble? If Cable TV News ratings could be considered a predictor of changing times and minds, then the gods of secular socialism may be feeling the first tremors of an American conservative earthquake. Continue reading

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