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Penn State’s Sandusky Guilty on 45 Counts

Finally, some justice for all the boys that this despicable pervert molested and raped. As I write this post, the prosecution team is addressing reporters and the curious crowds that gathered to hear the verdict. Pennsylvania Attorney General, Linda Kelly, was applauded as she approached the microphones. Continue reading

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Penn State and the Raping of a Child

We can only shake our heads in total disbelief that the likes of Jerry Sandusky, Penn State’s former football Defensive Coordinator, was able to rape and molest young boys for so many years despite accusations and eye-witness accounts of his crimes. Continue reading

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Crime and the Occupy Wall Street Crowd

Ah, it was all supposed to be about progressive solidarity and the righteous anger of The People demonstrating its displeasure with those carnivorous fat cat capitalists. Oh well, I guess reality was bound to make its debut upon this silly stage of political pretensions orchestrated by overacting Alinskyite agitators. Continue reading

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Duke Lacrosse Accuser Arrested Again

It seems that life is proving a bit baffling for Crystal Mangum, the black woman who accused three Duke University students of raping her at a party back in 2006. Mangum’s rape accusation became a cause célèbre feasted upon by a biased media eager to play the race card for all it was worth. Continue reading

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Polanski And The Pedophile Apologists

Polanski sends his warmest best wishes and Christmas greetings to all his friends and supporters via the Huffington Post. Continue reading

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