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Gay Icon Arrested for Child Porn Depicting the Rape of Babies

Larry Brinkin, a big name in the gay community in that progressive enclave known as San Francisco, has been arrested for child pornography. Since the 1970s, Mr. Brinkin has been very active in all the politically correct circles in the Bay area, making a name for himself with women’s rights, civil rights, anti-war demonstrations, and all that gay liberation political paraphernalia. Good old gay Larry, that well-known, well-loved crusader for THE PEOPLE, who until 2010 was a member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, has been carted away in handcuffs for possession of photographs depicting the sodomizing of children and babies. But it gets even worse…. Continue reading

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Adidas Creates Shackle Shoes

Apparently, Adidas believes they can best prepare young black men and women for their capable careers by fitting them all with shackle shoes. This corporate giant must feel that their fancy footwear is a perfect fit for every well-dressed future felon. Sort of gives new meaning to that old racist expression, Shuffle Along. Continue reading

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Black Studies and the Exploitation of Minorities

The firing of Naomi Schaefer Riley by the Chronicles of Higher Education back in May for daring to write an article criticizing the intellectual relevance of doctrinal theses developed and written by students in Black Studies programs came about after a torrent of outrage fell from the academic heavens accusing Ms. Schaefer Riley of being….wait for it….yes, a racist. Continue reading

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Restoring Honor: The Lesbian Conservative Goes to Washington

What better way to spend a warm muggy Washingotn DC day than strolling among your fellow and sister Americans celebrating the rebirth of an honorable nation. Continue reading

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Race Hustlers: NAACP and the New Black Panthers

The NAACP has declared the Tea Party movement to be ‘racist’. In the not too recent past, such a pronouncement from a staid black organization such as the NAACP would have dealt a death blow to the object of black ire. But today, me thinks the race card has been played so many times and for so many unscrupulous and unethical reasons that it has become the joker of the Left-wing’s political house of cards. Continue reading

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