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Hillary to Obama: Shame on You!

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Our first Black president is nothing more than a Chicago huckster, but then, many of us knew that unfortunate fact from the very beginning. The rest of America has been playing consciousness catchup but are finally managing to blink their weary way through that hypocritical haze of racial condescension to get a glimpse of the cardboard con man sitting in the White House. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton for President?

The whisper-down-the-lane campaign apparently is in full flow, with the Day Dreaming Dems desperately casting about for another messianic miracle worker. With predicted devastation looming in the 2010 elections in November, pressure will only increase on the Democrat Party to cut itself free from that arrogant anti-American albatross hanging round its neck. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton: She Was Robbed!

Just when the Obama Machine thought they had battered and buried all those female supporters of Hillary Clinton by banishing this token white woman to the back-burner of US politics, here comes that pesky PUMA spirit (Party Unity My Ass) once again.
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