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Teacher Mad She Can’t Retire at 47

The Michigan Education Associate (MEA) is fighting a new state senate bill that would require public employees to pay at least 5% of their compensation to their retirement fund. And of course that looming mandate has the public school teachers in the state of Michigan angrily up in arms.
The MEA and it members are so embedded in their entitlement bubble that it hasn’t dawned on these public school bloodsuckers that placing the sorry saga of teacher Terri List on their website decrying the fact that now she won’t be able to retire at the age of 47 just might be pathetically bad PR for their profession. Continue reading

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Colleges Cry Foul Over Budget Cuts

Many special interest groups within Pennsylvania are still reeling from Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget cuts that will dramatically impact many of these complacent institutions and organizations within the state. For far too long, these groups have been getting their greedy little palms greased each and every time they echoed their poor me pleas through the exulted halls of our Democrat controlled state house. Continue reading

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Union Goons: A Video Re-Cap

Here’s a video potpourri of some of the pro-union demonstrations and Tea Party counter-clashes that have taken place over the past week. And if you ever wondered by we call those thugs on the Left union goons, well, just watch. Continue reading

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School Kids Get Pro-Union Propaganda Homework

What better way to get the next generation of taxpayers to fit neatly into teachers’ unions back pockets than to preach a little pro-union propaganda in the classroom. And that’s exactly what a couple of teachers are doing in one union besieged suburban Philadelphia school district. Continue reading

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For Public Employees in Wisconsin, The Party May Be Over

If the newly elected Govenor of Wisconsin has anything to say about it, the state’s public employees will soon be stripped of their collective bargaining rights. After 50 plus years of protected and pampered status, the public sector workers in Wisconsin may now be facing a future filled with the same financial realities as their private sector brethren. Continue reading

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