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Union Bully Tactics Backfire in Wisconsin

I guess Council 24 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees thought all they had to do was lean on the little lady and she’d fold like a house of cards. But Ms. Dawn Bobo, 54 years old and the owner of the Village Dollar Store in Union Grove Wisconsin, decided she wasn’t letting phony for-the-people thuggery get in the way of operating her business. Continue reading

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Public Employee Unions: America Says, NO!

Ah, the spectacle in Wisconsin. All those public employees with their rants and raves and their huff and puff. All those so inspiring union bozos with their blaring bullhorns. But the piece de resistance of this government bureaucrat boondoggle was the mug of the Reverend Jesse Jackson serenading the white well-heeled crowds with chants of We Shall Overcome. Continue reading

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