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Flipping Big Bird THE BIRD

The public television experiment that started out to add a little healthy protein to the carb-drenched diet of the American viewing audience has found itself corrupted by the syrupy feel-good slime of liberal food-for-thought poisoning. The smug political entity that sneeringly expects a taxpayer handout while pretending to provide an unbiased alternative television experience, is just another head of the progressive hydra that uses our tax dollars to drive its political agenda. Time for the Bird Brains at PBS to be pushed out of the taxpayers’ comfy nest. Start flapping your multicultural wings, fellas, for the free ride is almost at an end. Continue reading

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Juan Williams: Defund NPR

Although nothing much in the way of federal defunding will be happening to NPR any time soon, despite the good intentions of the House Republicans, it’s still so nice to know that all things considered, the public broadcasting aristocracy is getting its proverbial clock cleaned. Continue reading

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